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looks just like the sun · Friday, November 10, 2006

Gasworks Park. Looks a lot like something out of a Miyazaki film, huh?

so the sun finalllllly peaked out today after over a week of raining! now that ace has officially resigned from pop cap, we’ve been spending our days lying on the futon, walking around queen anne and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream sammiches (no soap operas!). it’s been great. i think i could be freelance-slash-unemployed forever as long as ace is by my side. we’re planning on more walks tomorrow, picking up symphony tickets, picking up copies of Big Love (!! woo hoo !!) for the cabin and going to target-oh yes, and eating more mint chocolate chip ice cream sammiches. i’ve got a ton of stuff to post on ebay.

we watched in the company of men today and maaaaan it was good. i could learn a thing or two from that movie.

tonite yoga kiiiiiiiicked my butt. holy crap!! the first session was much easier than this second one. i’m a little bit scared about how fast this class will progress in the next three weeks…..but i’m hoping this’ll tighten up all my stuff-it feels like it’s workin’ it’s magic already . . .

and now for some pictures (which are probably more interesting than my inane ramblings). oh and on a side note, i did update my shoes pictures. i added maybe five or six pictures. i went a little wild with the new marc jacobs…..ooooh yeah i’m such an mj whore. anyways, onto the pix.

mmmm, agedashi. At Steve’s reco, we went to this daaaaamn fine sushi restaurant in LA called Azami Sushi Cafe. It’s at 7160 Melrose Ave (and La Brea), so definitely go if you are in the area.

mr. gosling’s restaurant, Tagine. if you’re in LA, definitely hit up this spot too. great fixed vegetarian course!

sean and his uncle’s affectionate pup

this bird is dead, but realllll pretty. it was still warm sitting in sean’s uncle’s hand for this close-up

linhchi and eric at la vita bella. delicious minestrone, dudes

an escalator at the koolhaas library. to the right is where all the nasty dudes are perusing porn flix.

at andy’s halloween party. bootney and i are monkey and bear, respectively. and there’s french brian p.s my face is not shiny from oil, it is silvery white powder.

bear and frenchy. me and bri livin’ la vida loca


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  1. These photos remind me of why I wish every day was Halloween. Life would be so much more interesting if we had more ink mustaches, super hero suits, animal get-ups, etc. Policy meetings would be far more engaging, I’m sure of it.
    -A Fraggle
    cK    Fri Nov 10th, 6:53am    #

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