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doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well · Sunday, February 22, 2009

i leveled up, folks! meet the newest senior editor. ta-da! woo-hoo!! AND i finally found pics of my NEW DVF wedding dress in the correct color. posted below!

also, my self-esteem is completely crumbled after having only partially viewed the WTIA competition video of me and ughhh. talk about double-chin city! The little bit of it that i accidentally viewed on my coworkers computer nearly sent me running out of the office screaming. The lighting was horrid and my face looked super wide. it nearly made me contemplate getting rid of the anna-sui like heavy bangs i’ve had for two years now…I am not linking the video here. i am too embarassed, like, srsly.

hmm speaking of hair-dids, i’m getting sick of my dark heavy hair and am getting some blended highlights to lighten things up for spring (even though the skies will still be overcast – boo) at Habitude in Fremont.

alright, i need to feed the dig dug.

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  1. Absolutely incredible dress! You’re going to look beyond gorgeous in it. Great choice.
    Eva    Mon Feb 23rd, 9:43pm    #
  2. going blond again?
    jshobar    Tue Feb 24th, 4:44pm    #
  3. Stunning! You’ll look beautiful. Shoes??
    Eva    Tue Apr 7th, 12:21pm    #
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